We Provide quality, cost-effective environmental consulting services

From its inception in 2002, Roberts Environmental Services, LLC (“Roberts”) has made it our mission to provide our clients clear and concise options with respect to their identified or perceived environmental liabilities. Our senior level staff with proven technical expertise are capable of quickly adjusting to new technology and ever-changing regulatory requirements. These senior level professionals are the primary point of contact for our clients and typically take a “hands-on” approach with respect to the projects they manage. All of Roberts’ staff values the importance of effective communication and strives to maintain consistent, meaningful communication throughout each and every project.

Roberts focuses almost exclusively on environmental assessments, soil, ground water, and/or chemical vapor investigations, and remediation of impacted media. By focusing on these core service areas, our team can stay abreast of the rapidly changing technology and regulations that can affect your investigation and remediation projects.

By relying heavily on our in-house direct-push soil and ground water sampling equipment, remediation system equipment, and technical expertise with respect to the installation and operations/maintenance of remediation systems, Roberts is able to better control timing and costs of our projects.

If you have an upcoming project or would like a second opinion on an existing project, contact us today to discuss your specific needs!